EASY WAY to get your tax refund!

Necessary documents


To start your tax refund you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport or ID card;
  • A copy of NIN number certificate (if you have it);
  • CIS registration certificate - UTR number (if you have it). Even if you did not work as self employed, but registered as self employed, please provide us your UTR number;
  • Any of the documents about your income:  

- original forms P45 and/or P60 from all of your employers;
- Subcontractor Monthly Statements (if you worked as self employed);
last pay slips if you do not have P45/P60 forms or Subcontractor Monthly Statements.


Document descriptions

What is P-45 Form?

P-45 form is a document which contains information on a person’s income and paid taxes. P-45 form should be provided to you by your employer at the time of leaving the employment.

What is P-60 Form?

P-60 form is a document which contains information on a person’s income and paid taxes. P-60 form should be provided to you by your employer at the end of the financial year, which is the 5th of April.

What is Last Pay Slip?

The document which contains information about the income received and taxes paid and which is issued by the employer each time when paying a wage is called pay slip. Your Last Pay Slip contains the information on the total income ant taxes paid since the beginning of the employment or since the beginning of the tax year.

What is CIS voucher?

CIS Voucher or Subcontractor Monthly Statement (the monthly statement of income) is the document containing information on a person’s income and taxes paid. The company, for which an employee works as Self Employed, issues it every month.

What is NIN number?

National Insurance Number (NIN) is a unique number issued to you by the Department for Work and Pension for life. NI number is printed in a special document or on a blue & red card. NIN is composed of 9 symbols (XX000000X), where X is a letter and 0 is a digit.

What is UTR number?

UTR is a unique number issued by the UK tax authorities. With this number you may provide services or work as Self Employed. UTR number consists of 10 digits. If CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) card was issued to the employee, UTR number is printed on it or you can find it on a letter received from the Inland Revenue.

What does PAYE stand for?

PAYE (Pay as You Earn) is the income tax system of the United Kingdom. All workers hired by the employer are being taxed under this system.

What does Self Employed stand for?

“Self Employed” is a business form in the United Kingdom enabling a person to provide certain services or work individually, e.g. in the sphere of security or construction.

NOTE: If you are missing any of these documents – No Problem! You can still apply for Income tax refund! We will get the missing documents for you!

NOTE: If you received CIS card or had UTR number, even if you did not work as a self employed, inform us about it. UK tax authority demands that everyone who has CIS card or UTR number must send annual Tax Return (tax declaration) until October 31st. If you do not send Tax Return, you will get penalty.

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