EASY WAY to get your tax refund!

Necessary documents


To start your tax refund you will need the following documents:


  • Copy of your passport or ID card;
  • Arsoppgave form (from 2015 tax year, employers issues this form in place of the RF-1015B form);
  • Form Selvangivelse (if you received it from the Norwegian Tax Administration);
  • Tax Assessment (Skatteoppgjor) (if you have one);
  • Copy of Skattekort (if you have it).

Document descriptions

What is Selvangivelse form?

Selvangivelse is a document issued by the Norwegian Tax Administration. It contains full information on employee‘s income and taxes. These forms are being sent to everyone who works in Norway at the end of March.

What is Skatteoppgjor form?

Skatteoppgjor is a tax calculation issued by Norwegian Tax Administration at the end of the tax year.

What is Skattekort form?

Everyone who works in Norway must have a form called Skattekort. It has a person‘s Fodselsnummer or a so-called D-number on it. Employers use this document to calculate how much tax should be deducted from employee‘s salary. New Skattekort is issued to employees every year in December.

NOTE: If you are missing any of these documents – No Problem! You can still apply for the Income tax refund! We will get the missing documents for you!

NOTE: If you are married and your spouse earned less than 42000 NOK calculating in your currency, you can get bigger refund if you provide: 1. Document from your Tax Authorities about spouse’s income (with English translation), 2. Copy of your marriage certificate (with English translation).

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