EASY WAY to get your tax refund!

Necessary documents


To start your tax refund you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport or ID card;
  • A copy of PPS number certificate (if you have it);
  • Documents about your income:
- If you worked as a PAYE (hired employee) – original forms P45 and/or P60* from all of your employers (last pay slips may be used to calculate your refundable amount but Ireland Tax Authorities accept only forms P45 and/or P60);
- If you worked as a Self Employed – all of original Relevant Contracts Tax Deduction Certificates (RCTDC);


NOTE: If you are missing any of these documents – No Problem! You can still apply for income tax refund! We will get the missing documents for you!

*Form P45 and form P60 are documents issued by your employer. The documents contain the information on the employee’s income received and taxes paid. P-60 must be issued at the end of the financial year till 31st of December. P-45 form must be received from each employer when leaving the job.

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