EASY WAY to get your tax refund!

Refund your taxes for FREE!


Every Thursday 3 randomly selected winners will receive a FREE tax refund.

An average refundable amount is 804 €

Rules and regulations:

1. Lottery starts: 11 Jan 2017
2. Lottery ends: 25 May 2017
3. 3 randomly selected winners will receive a FREE tax refund every Thursday.
4. Lottery involves all RT Tax clients who register and submit their documents for tax refund procedure from 11 Jan 2017 to 25 May 2017.
5. Winners will be announced every Thursday on www.rttax.com and on RT Tax Facebook page

Winners (01.12):
Andrey Markov
Wu Yi Han
Elif Mataraci
Winners (01.19):
Udom Montri
Bayram Burakgazi
Diogo Chaves
Winners (01.26):
Michaela Jahoda
Onur Katirci
Agata Ogiyevich
Winners (02.02):
Michaela Nemčik
Dragan Javanovic
Aawut Atitarn
Winners (02.09):
Nuan Wu Lei
Aleksey Orlov
Jan Milovič
Winners (02.16):
Marina Nieves
Domitila Sousa
Suein Hon
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