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About RT Tax


RT Tax offers Income Tax refunds for the people who have worked in USA, United KingdomIreland, Norway, Holland, Germany, DenmarkAustralia, New Zealand and Canada.

Formed in 2000, RT Tax is at present one of the leading Tax Refund companies in the world for work exchange program participants. Currently we have over 400 representatives in 40 countries. We have already served more than 150 000 clients and this number is growing each year.

RT Tax has developed a high standard and quality customer service. Experienced RT Tax employees are ready to offer professional consultations. Steady relations with Tax Authorities and tax consultants have ensured most reliable tax refund process.

We offer:

Professional services and experience. Closely cooperating with foreign taxation institutions, RT Tax ensures a rapid and efficient refund of income taxes. We are working with licensed tax preparation specialists.

Easy application procedure & ONLINE follow up. RT Tax has created Internet based software, which allows clients to apply and track the refund procedure and communicate with tax specialists online!

Excellent customer service. We are easy to contact by phone, e-mail or real-time conversation (Chat or Skype). RT Tax personnel are always ready to provide professional consultations on the issues of tax refund.

The lowest possible service rates. No advance or hidden fees. Our clients are getting the highest legally possible tax refund amount in the shortest time and at a very competitive price.

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